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a Peace of Bread

A Unique Way to Enjoy Taos!

To those who would find meaning and joy in the baking and breaking of bread, the Artisans of a Peace of Bread extend an invitation to learn how to bake with an Horno, to understand the rich history and  traditional uses for this functional piece of household art and perhaps, have one built in your own yard.


is an mud/adobe built, outdoor oven still in use in many parts of the desert Southwest. A fire is built inside the beehive shaped oven and when it is hot enough, the embers and ashes are swept out before the bread, or whatever treat to be baked, is slid in, and the door is closed.

To the right is an example of a double Horno; the smaller side used for daily, personal baking.

Building Community by Baking and Breaking Bread


The breads of every culture tie people together

Join us as we celebrate that connection in Taos over a weekend of baking the traditional way – in an Horno. In an intimate setting, learn the history of the craft from native women who’ve built their own ovens, enjoy a sumptuous dinner and breakfast of local foods, and go home with loaves you’ve baked yourself. End your weekend with a personalized tour of Taos Pueblo.

An Horno in Your Yard

Bake Anytime!

Enjoy bread and other baked goods in an Horno built in your yard by Adobe Artisans Dakota Star and Michelle Volo. We’ll bring the adobes, the base stones and the dirt, if needed, you’ll provide the space.


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Artists of a Peace of Bread

Taos is a well-known destination to experience the art of the desert Southwest. Let us share the talents of the friends and neighbors who help make a Peace of Bread possible. In our shop, you’ll find everything from paintings to ceramics to clay pipes and fine stone sculpture. Have a look, you never know what might appeal to the historian in you!

horses and hornos

a Peace of Bread

A Unique Way to Enjoy Taos!

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