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Build an Horno in Your Yard

The Adobe Artisans of a Peace of Bread will build you an Horno in your yard!

The Horno oven passed into Pueblo culture with the Spanish, who, in turn, inherited the technology from the Moors. You, too, can continue the tradition.


Enjoy any baked goods, meats, vegetables and anything you can imagine in this culturally significant piece of functional art in your yard.


Adobe Artisans Dakota Concha and Michelle Volo will meet with you to discover the size of the Horno you have in mind, as well as the quality of dirt at hand and the proper placement of the Horno in your yard, as wind direction is a consideration there.


Included in the building of the Horno, Dakota and Michelle will return to provide a personalized baking seminar, so you begin to know and work with the individualized personality of your Horno.